Dust collector bag

dust collector bag working principle

Dust Collector Bag Introduction

Widely used for filtration in high-temperature flue and hot gas of factories, such as chemical plants, coal-fired stations, carbon black factory, cement plants, lime kiln, coke-oven plant, metal smelting plant, steel mills, spray painting factories and etc.And it can be used as air filtersin arc furnaces, oil burning boilers and incinerators as well.

antistatic filter bag
aramid filter bag
aramid filter bag
pps filter bag
  1. Dust filtration-filter bag and filter felt
    Polyester filter bag,polyester antistatic filter bag,polyester filter bag blending,polyester filter bag with membrane,polyester filter bag water and oil repellent,polyester filter bagspecial type,pp filter bag,aramid filter bag pps filter bag acrylic filter bag, p84 filter bag, ptfe filter bag,ptfe mix p84filter bag,HST filter bag,fiberglass filter bag,PTFE mix pps filter bag,Basalt filter bag and polyester needle punched felt,acylic felt,aramid felt,P84 felt so on.
  2.  Liquid filtration filter bag
    Polyester filter bag, PE filter bag, Micro filter bag,5 micro filter bag,10 micro filter bags,PP filter bag,nylon filter bag,ptfe filter bag,stainsteel filter bag and micro filter felt from 0.2micro to 600micro and so on.
  3.  Machines for making dust filter bags
    Automatic filter bag tube line,Semi-Automatic filter bag tube line,Tripe-needle filter bag sewing machine,double need sewing machine, long arm sewing machine,overlock sewing machine,slitting machine,filter bag bottom punching machine,package machines,needle punch line and so on.

Dust Collector Bag Application

Dust Collector Bag Install

Filter bag can be used for industrial filtration,product filtration,solid/liquid separation, like:

  • Asphalt mixing plants
  • Biomass power stations
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • High temperature dedusting
  • Coal-fired power stations
  • Food industry
  • Non-ferrous metal and steel production
  • Cement, gypsum and lime industry
  • Thermal waste treatment

Dust Collector Bag Production Workshop

dust filter bag production
Dust collector bag work shop
Dust Collector bag factory
Dust Collector Bag Package