Clinker Grate Cooler

Grate Cooling Machine for Sale
  • Processing capacity: 800-4000t/d
  • Applications: Cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, glass ceramics and other production industries.
  • Applicable materials: limestone, cement clinker, bauxite, activated lime, aluminum hydroxide, bentonite, etc.
  • Uses: The grate cooler is an important main equipment in the clinker burning system of the cement plant. Its main function is to cool and transport the cement clinker. At the same time, it provides hot air for the rotary kiln and the decomposition furnace, which is the heat recovery of the firing system. The main equipment.

Introduction and Classification of  Clinker Grate Cooler

In a cement plant, grate cooler is a basic machine in the calcining cement system, its main function is to make the ripe cement material to next system. At the same time, the grate cooler could offer rotary kiln and decomposing furnace hot air flow, which is the main equipment for recycling heat energy in calcining system.

The Grate cooler is a quench cooler. After the clinker enters the cooling machine from the kiln, a layer of a certain thickness is laid on the slab, and the blasted cold air is quenched in the direction perpendicular to each other through the layer of the moving material on the boring machine to allow the clinker to be quenched. The clinker is quenched from 1300-1400 ° C to below 100 ° C in a few minutes.

Grate Cooler Structure Design

The traditional coolers are divided into3 types: rotary type, vibrating type and push type. However, since the first two types have been eliminated, the push type grate cooler has become the main cement clinker cooler model selected for the decomposing kiln outside the kiln. . The trampoline is the main component of the cooler, and the pusher plate is composed of a fixed raft and a movable raft that are arranged one by one.

The grate coolers can be divided into two main types: Traveling grate cooler, Reciprocating grate cooler

Working principle of Clinker Grate Cooler:

Cement Plant Grate Cooler Working Principle

The high-temperature clinker is discharged from the kiln inlet to boring machine, and is distributed along the entire length of boring machine under the push-pull plate,  formed a bed of a certain thickness. The cooling wind is blown upward from the bottom of bed into the layer, and permeable air penetrates. Diffusion, cooling the hot clinker. Cooling air after cooling process becomes hot air, and the high-temperature hot air is used as combustion air into the kiln and decomposition furnace (pre-decomposition kiln system), and some hot air can also be used for drying, and extra hot air will be discharged into the atmosphere after dust-removing.

LS series 3 Generation improved push-type Grate Cooler

Model Effective area (m2) Yield (t/d Remarks
AG LS2413 pushes Grate cooling 28 1000-1250 Mechanical transmission
AG LS2717 pushes Grate cooling 39.6 1500-1700 Mechanical transmission
AG LS2718 pushes Grate cooling 43.8 1700-1900 Mechanical transmission
AG LS3322 pushes Grate cooling 62 2500-2800 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS3323 pushes Grate cooling 65 2600-3000 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS3324 pushes Grate cooling 73.8 2800-3300 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS3326 pushes Grate cooling 80.5 3200-3500 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS3625 pushes Grate cooling 85 3400-3800 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS3925 pushes Grate cooling 90 3500-4000 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS3928 pushes Grate cooling 100.3 4000-4500 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS3933 pushes Grate cooling 121 5000-5500 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS3936 pushes Grate cooling 134.2 5500-6000 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS3938 pushes Grate cooling 140 5800-6300 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS4240 pushes Grate cooling 151 6000-6800 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS4842 pushes Grate cooling 187.5 7500-8500 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS5142 pushes Grate cooling 200 8000-9600 Hydraulic transmission
AG LS5449 pushes Grate cooling 250 10000-12000 Hydraulic transmission

Technical Parameter of Grate Cooler

LS series 4th generation clinker grate cooler

Model Effective area (m2) Yield (t/d Remarks
AG LS0612 column cooler 66 2500-3200 No leakage, hydraulic transmission
AG LS0810 column cooler 73 2800-3500 No leakage, hydraulic transmission
AG LS0811 column cooler 80.5 3200-3800 No leakage, hydraulic transmission
AG LS0814 column cooler 102.6 4000-4800 No leakage, hydraulic transmission
AG LS0915 column cooler 123.9 5000-5800 No leakage, hydraulic transmission
AG LS0916 column cooler 132.2 5500-6000 No leakage, hydraulic transmission
AG LS0918 column cooler 148.7 6000-7000 No leakage, hydraulic transmission
Grate Cooler Working Flow