Cement Grinding Station

Ball Mill - Cement Grinding Unit

Cement Grinding Station Advantage

The new cement grinding station adopts the pregrinding technology, on the one hand to reduce the particle size of the material into the grinding; On the other hand to promote the material particles inside the crack and defect, so as to greatly improve the output of cement mill, reduce energy consumption. The new cement grinding process includes mixed material crushing, cement batching station, pre-grinding, high fine grinding, fine powder separation, dust treatment, automatic control and other technologies, so that cement high yield, high quality, energy saving, in line with the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.

Cement Grinding Station Working Process

Vertical Mill Milling Process
Vertical Mill Up Part
Vertical Mill Roller Section
Vertical Mill Structure

Raw material is crushed by jaw crusher then elevated into a hopper by bucket elevator, through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly and continuously into the grinding chamber for powder-processing. Finally powder enter into analyzer for separating under the function of blower, qualified fine powder go to cyclone collector and discharged from pipes into storage silo, unqualified powder drop back into grinding chamber for re-grind.   Whole process is under negative pressure formed closed airflow loop. Cyclone collector bottom equip air-valves, isolated outside air from inner air, increase grinding efficiency heavily. Besides, few dust and air going up to dust collector for pure, filter, more friendly for environment.

Vertical Mill Cement Grinding Working Process
  • Clinker storage Clinker will be unloaded into the hooper by wheel loader after being stored in the cement factory, then will be fed into the different silo by belt and bucket elevator .
  • Cement clinker and mixed materials storage Gypsum will be unloaded into the hooper after being stored in cement plant, then will  be fed into the different silo by belt and bucket elevator through being crushed by jaw crusher.
  • Raw material blending Five materials blending bins for clinker,gypsum and volcanic ash, Speed governable belt balances will be used at the bottom of the material blending bins. Raw materials will be blended according to requirements and fed onto the raw mill system by belt conveyor. 
  • Cement grindingAfter material blending at bottom of clinker silo, admixture silo and gypsum silo, material will be fed into the cement mill. Then material will be fed into cement separator by bucket elevator. Finished product will be conveyed into three cement silos via elevator. Coarse powder will return to mill to regrind.
  • Cement storage and Cement packing Steel silos will be used for cement storage. Feeding cement from cement silo to packing machine, cement packer will be used for cement packing. Cement will be fed into vibration sieve by elevator, then into cement hooper, and then into cement packer. Bagged cement will be sent into loading machine by belt conveyor.

Cement grinding plant includes: A. Gypsum and Blending Materials Crushing  B . Cement Proportioning and Grinding ,  C. Cement Storage and Bulk Packing, D. Cement Packing  and the finished-product Storage

  1. Grinding Mill  : Cement Ball mill , Vertical Mill 
  2. Feeding Machines : Apron Feeder , Impeller Feeding machine , Magnetic Vibrating Feeding Machine ect. 
  3. Conveying Equipments  :  Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor, Chain Conveyor , ect. 
  4. Crushers : Jaw Crusher, Hammer Crusher, Impact Crusher ect . 
  5. Dust  Collectors / Dust Filters : Bag type Dust Collector / dust filter,  Pulse bag Dust Collector, Air box type pulse bag dusct collector  ect . 
  6. High effecient powder separator : High Efficient Horizontal whirling-fluid  Powder Separator, Centrifugal powder separator/ concentrator , cyclone  powder concentrator  ect.
  7. Packing Machines :  Automatic Cement Packing Machine , 1-12 spouts cement bag rotary packing machine  ect . 
Vertical Roller Mill
Ball Mill

Cement Grinding Station with Ball Mill

Product Specifications(m) Mill form Transmission form Reducer Motor power(kw) Production capacity (t/h) Total weight (t)
Model Ratio
φ1.83×7 Open flow edge ZD60 4.5 245 6.5-8 43.8
φ2.2×7.5 Open flow edge ZD70 5 380 8-10 64.8
φ2.2×11 Open flow edge D110 35.5 630 12-13 104.6
φ2.2×13 Open flow edge D110 35.5 630 16-18 114
φ2.4×13 Open flow edge D110 35.5 800 20-23 130.6
φ2.6×13 Open flow edge MFY100 19.5 1000 28-32 158
φ3×9 Circle flow edge D125 41.2 1000 28-36.5 167
φ3×11 Circle flow edge D140 42.8 1250 36-47 180
φ3.2×13 Open flow edge D140 36.5 1600 45-50 225
φ3.5×13 Circle flow edge JDX1000 5.84 2000 60-65 275
φ3.8×13 Open flow centre MFY250 16.5 2500 60-62 320
φ4.2×13 Open flow centre JQS3550 15.6 3530 85-87 380
φ4.6×14 Circle flow centre JSI160-C 14.6 4200 120-135 485

Cement Grinding Station with Vertical Mill

1 Effective volume of furnace(m3) 100-500
2 Yield (t/d) 80-400
3 Heat consumption (KJ/Kg•lime) 910X4.1868
Standard coal consumption (Kg/t • lime) <130
4 Utilization factor (t/d.m3) >0.85
5 Activity (ml) >300
6 Quicklime contains CaO (%) >90
7 Overburn rate of quicklime (%) <5-7
8 Limestone consumption (t/t•ash) 1.8
9 Concentration of CO2 in flue gas (%) 42
10 Soot emission index (mg/Nm3) 1 < 10

Cement Grinding Unite Advantage

Vertical Roller Mill
  1. Power saving: comprehensive power consumption of 25kwh/t, more than 30% than the traditional ball grinding system power saving;
  2. The system runs stably, with the operation rate as high as 93-97%;
  3. Process is simple, covers an area of small, the number of mechanical and electrical equipment is small, easy to operate and maintain;
  4. The water allowed into the mill is up to 7%, and the fineness of the finished product is up to 80μmR12-15%;
  5. Small wear, metal consumption 4-5g/t, and has the ability to independently build 1000t/d~10000t/d cement production line;
  6. cement product has excellent performance, cement particle shape is equivalent to ball mill, cement strength (3d, 7d, 28d strength) is equivalent to ball mill or even slightly higher, water requirement can be controlled at 26-28%, the cement particle matching is convenient to adjust.