Low Pressure Long Bag Dust Collector

Low Pressure Long Bag Dust Collector

Scope of application: Widely used in dust control and material recovery in metallurgical industry, building materials industry, electric power, chemical industry, carbon black asphalt concrete mixing, boiler, flue gas dedusting and other industries.


Low-pressure long bag dust collector produced by AGICO has been optimized on the basis of the air box pulse dust collector. The low-pressure long bag dust collector is suitable for outdoor, high-temperature gas and high air volume environment. The air-tight design of  box body has small air leakage coefficient, large air volume, high dust removal efficiency and good cleaning effect. The low-pressure long-bag dust collectors of different specifications provided for customers are used for kiln dust removal at 600t/d and 800t/d active lime production lines. The customer reports that the equipment  works well, and the discharge gas meets the standard dust concentration ≤ 30gnm3, so it has good dust removal effect.

Low Pressure Long Bag Dust Collector Introduction:

Various Low Pressure Long Bag Dust Collector

The long bag low pressure dust collector is a product developed by AGICO that combines the advantages of the current air box pulse dust collector and long bag pulse dust collector. It is a large-scale dust removal equipment that handles large air volume, good cleaning effect, high dust removal efficiency, emission concentration in line with national emissions, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and small floor space. Structure and composition: The dust collector is mainly composed of a clean air chamber, a filter chamber, a bracket, a filtering device, a blowing device, an ash discharging device, and an ash conveying device.

Technical Parameter of Low Pressure Long Bag Dust Collector:

Mode AG LCM420-2x6 AG LCM462-2x4 AG LCM462-2x5 AG LCM462-2x6 AG LCM462-2x7 AG LCM462-2x8
air volume (m3/h ) w 240000~30240 170000~221700 220000~27700 266000~33200 310000~388000 35000~44350
Filtration area 5040 3696 4620 5544 6468 7392

Performance characteristics:

  1. Adopt pulse jet cleaning technology, strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, low air leakage coefficient, low energy consumption, low consumption, less battlefield area, stable and reliable operation and good economic benefits. The low-pressure long bag dust collector uses a submerged low-pressure pulse valve, and the injection pressure is only 2 to 0.5 MPa, the resistance is low, the opening and closing is fast, and the cleaning ability is strong. Due to the good cleaning effect and long cleaning cycle, the energy consumption of the backflush gas is reduced.
  2. The pulse valve has a long service life and good reliability. Due to the low injection pressure (2 to 0.4 MPa), the pressure of the pulse valve diaphragm and the impact force during opening and closing are low. At the same time, due to the long cleaning cycle, the number of pulse valve opening times is correspondingly reduced, thereby prolonging the service life of the pulse valve and improving the reliability of the use of the pulse valve.
  3. Low level equipment running resistance, large blowing effect  The low-pressure pulse long bag dust collector adopts the chamber pulse back-off offline cleaning method to avoid the phenomenon that the dust is repeatedly adsorbed, which reduces the bag resistance.
  4. The cabinet is airtight and has good sealing performance. The door is cleaned with excellent sealing materials. The kerosene leaks during the production process, and the air leakage rate is low.
  5. Compact inlet and outlet air ducts and uniform air device, air flow resistance is small.
  6. It can achieve non-stop bag change, maintenance does not affect the normal operation of the equipment, the use of the upper bagging method, improved the operation of the bag change operation.
  7. Perfect control system to ensure long-term operation of the dust removal system.

Working Principle of Low-pressure Long Bag Dust Collector:

Dust Collector Working Principle

The dust-laden air enters the dust chamber of each chamber from the air inlet distributor, and then passing through diversion function, and the dust of the large particles is separated and directly falls into the ash bucket, fine dust uniformly enters the filter chamber. Adsorbed on the outer surface of filter bag, clean gas passes through the filter bag and enters the clean room, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the offline valve and the exhaust pipe. As the filtration condition progresses, dust on the filter bag accumulates more. When the resistance of device reaches a limited resistance value (generally set to 1500 Pa), the differential pressure setting device or the cleaning time is set by cleaning control device. After the set value automatically closes the one-line offline valve, the electronically controlled pulse valve is opened according to the setting procedure, and then air is blown, pressure in the filter bag is increased by the instantaneous injection of compressed air, dust on the filter bag is shaken ( Even if the sticky dust can be more thoroughly shaken into the hopper, the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere by the chimney after passing through the kiln tail fan).