Disc Feeder for Cement Plant

Disk feeder for Cement Production

Disc Feeder Specification

  • Application: It is widely used in the system of feeding equipment preferred by cement plants, chemical industry, power plants, etc., and can also be used as feeding equipment for non-viscous materials in other industries.
  • Material: ore, pulverized coal, cement, clinker, limestone, clay and other powdery, granular or small block materials, it is mainly suitable for feeding equipment of powder ore below 20mm.
  • Disk Feeder Models:  DK6, DK8, DK10, DK13, DK16, DK18, DK20, DB6, DB8, DB10, DB13


The disc feeder has compact structure, hard tooth surface gear transmission, and material layer adjustment gate adjustment material layer to enable the material to be evenly and continuously fed to the next equipment. The feeding amount can be adjusted and can be fed.  Suited for feeding powdery, small pieces of material (such as coal powder, clay, etc.). The disc feeder supplied for Jiangxi customers is used for coal system feeding. Heilongjiang customers is used in the hollow brick crushing production line to supply coal gangue scrap to the hammer crusher. Both customers are very satisfied with the equipment.

Cement Disc Feeder Introduction:

In the realm of continuous volumetric feeding and batching equipment, the Disc Feeder is one outstanding equipment, suitable to the diverse needs of industries ranging from metallurgy and chemicals to coal, construction materials, and power generation. Its inherent advantages of simplicity, uniform and accurate material delivery, smooth and dependable operation, high load-bearing capacity, ease of adjustment, wide adjustment range, and straightforward maintenance management make it an indispensable asset in countless industrial processes.

Disk Feeder Types

At the heart of the Disc Feeder lies its mechanism, which harnesses the dynamics of material flow through the ingenious interplay of a rotating disc and adjustable scraper blades. This technology excels in handling non-sticky materials with less-than-ideal flow properties, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply to downstream equipment.

Disc Feeder - DK and DB

Disc Feeder Manufacture

Here are the specific differentiators between 2 Disc Feeder types: the DK and the DB.

  1. DK Type (Open Structure):

    • Suited for materials with minimal dust concerns.
    • Offers intuitive operation and adjustment, providing clear visibility during operation.
    • Ideal for applications where ease of access and monitoring are paramount.
  2. DB Type (Closed Structure):

    • Engineered with dust and particle containment in mind, making it dustproof and ashproof.
    • Ensures a controlled environment but lacks the immediate visual feedback of the DK type.

Technical Parameter of Cement Disc Feeder

Mode Disc Diameter Capacity m3/h Disk Rotating Speedr/min  Feed Size mm Install Type Reducer Motor Dimension
Model Ratio Model Power
DK6 600 0.6-3.9 8 25 Open Hang Type 5308-01 53 Y90L-6 1.1 855*960*925
DK8 800 1.4-7.6 8 30 Open Hang Type 5308-1-0 53 Y90L-6 1.1 1085*1089*1520
DK10 1000 2.5-16.7 7.5 40 - 5312-01 52 Y100L-6 1.5 1350*1350*1427
DK13 1300 4.2-27.9 6.5 50 - 5316-01 54 Y132S-6 3 1735*1516*1427
DK16 1600 7-18.6 6 60 - 5319-01 62 Y132M1-6 4 2115-2050*1535
DK18 1800 9.2-60 5 70 - 5322-01 62 Y132M2-6 5.5 2365*2030*1963
DK20 2000 13.6-38 5 80 - 5322-01 62 Y132M2-6 5.5 2620*2150*2165
DB6 600 0.6-3.9 8 25 Closed Hang Type 5308-01 53 Y90L-6 1.1 855*980*1052
DB8 800 1.1-7.6 8 30 - 5308-1-0 52 Y90L-6 1.1 1085*1089*1152
DB10 1000 2.5-16.7 7.5 40 - 5212-01 52 Y100L-6 1.5 1263*1350*1237
DB13 1300 4.2-27 6.5 50 - 5316-01 54 Y132S-6 3 1516*1735*1597

Working Principle of Cement Disc Feeder

Disk Feeder Structure

The disk feeder is mainly composed of driving device, machine frame and control device. The driving device drives disk to rotate uniformly through bevel gear. When material reach to disk, the material rotates together with the disk, and then scraped through the baffle plate on the control device, so as to achieve the purpose of feeding.

Disc Feeder has Following Advantages

  • Disc feeder is equipped with short tube, which is hardly plugging and hanging materials to prevent the solid material can not be successfully discharged due to solidification.
  • The equipment adopts adjustable gate, which can adjust the feeding quantity conveniently, the adjustment is convenient, and its range is wide.
  • Bearing capacity is particularly large for its large diameter slewing bearing structure. Can bear the pressure of more than 15 meters of ore trough, the service life is more than 10 years.
  • Reliable structure and long working life. Due to the use of hardened gear transmission, the transmission efficiency is up to 95%.
  • The transmission parts are in well lubricating condition. Reducer, slewing bearing, small gear and other main transmission devices, adopt medium load gear oil lubrication with high quality, high viscosity and extreme pressure to ensure that the failure free operation.
  • Adopting unique sealed structure ensures there is no foreign body enter into the lubrication part of transmission part.