Preparation Before Installation

  • After the contract is signed, We will notify the user in writing of the preparation conditions for the installation of the equipment . After receiving the user's delivery requirements, we will deliver the goods on time. 
  • The equipment provided by us is of good quality and has not been used. It has passed the factory quality inspection and is well packaged for long-distance transportation. 
Cement Production Line Production Progress

Services During the Warranty Period

  1. We have a comprehensive after-sales service network in China, and are equipped with full-time technical engineers with corresponding work experience of more than three years. 
  2. The goods arrive at the scene, the after-sales service engineers are free to the site for installation, commissioning, technical consultation, technical support services for the first time; 
  3. We guarantee to provide a one-year warranty for the goods, the warranty time is calculated from the acceptance of the signature. During the warranty period, we will strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China to provide "three guarantees" and other after-sales services for the goods, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. 
  4. In case of failure of our equipment during the warranty period, we will respond within 48 hours, and within 3 working days after receiving the notice , we will go to the on-site service and perform maintenance until the fault is completely eliminated and the equipment is fully restored . After the repair, we will report the cause of the failure, the remedial measures, the time to complete the repair and the normal time and date to the owner, and report it in duplicate. 
  5. At the end of the warranty period, the equipment must be tested by another professional engineer. The defects (non-human factors) are repaired by us. 
  6. After-sales technical service level and technical support time limit table: to solve the time limit personnel arrangement.
Service for Cement Plant Project

Service After Warranty Period

  1. Services: we will be responsible for demand-side help repair faulty equipment during this period appears; provision of equipment required Various accessories to meet long-term use;
  2. Service period: after the warranty period;
  3. Service content: equipment maintenance and repair, technical support, spare parts supply;
  4. Service charge: according to the case. 
  5. Paid Service: damage caused by fault operation. 

Cement Plant Equipment List Samples:

Cement Production Line Projects
Device name Device List
 1000 tons cement clinker production line a. φ3.8×9m double sliding grinding 
b.φ2.2×4.4m coal vertical grinding
c.φ3.3×50m rotary kiln
d.  φ3.0×11m cement grinding
 2500 tons cement clinker production line a. GRMR38.41 raw material vertical grinding
b. GRMC20.30 coal vertical grinding
c. φ4.0×60m rotary kiln
d. φ4.2×13m cement grinding
3000 tons cement clinker production line a.  LM46.4 raw material vertical grinding
b.  HRM1700 coal vertical grinding 
c. φ4.3 ×64m rotary kiln 
d.  φ4.6×13.5m cement grinding
4000 tons cement clinker production line a. GRMR48.41 raw material vertical grinding
b. GRMC23.30 coal vertical grinding
c.  φ4.5× 66m rotary kiln 
d. φ4.2×13m cement grinding
5000 tons cement clinker production line a. UM46.4 raw material vertical grinding
b.  ZGM113G coal vertical grinding 
c. φ4.8×72m rotary kiln
d. φ4.2×13m cement grinding
client's name Production scale customer address
Ningxia Mengcheng Second Cement Co., Ltd. Phase III 2800tpd Yanchi County, Ningxia
Luzhou Bijie City Cement Plant Technical Transformation Project 1500tpd Bijie City, Guizhou Province
Sichuan Erlangshan Cement Co., Ltd. 2500tpd Sichuan Tintian County
Guizhou Huiyu Cement Development Co., Ltd. 3000tpd Guizhou Province
Gansu Jinde Company Taizishan Cement Co., Ltd. 2800tpd Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province
Yunnan Dehong Prefecture Hongan Cement Co., Ltd. 2500tpd Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province
Sichuan Binhuafu Shuangsan Cement Building Material Co., Ltd. 3300tpd Yibin City, Sichuan Province
Vietnam Peace Province Zhongshan Cement Factory 2500tpd Zhongshan, Vietnam
Vietnam Chuncheng Investment Construction Development Co., Ltd. 2500tpd Vietnam Yucheng
Vietnam Yumei Cement Co., Ltd. 3300tpd Vietnam
Vietnam Huanglong Cement Co., Ltd. 1500tpd Henan Province, Vietnam
Neigu Gucheng Cement Co., Ltd. 3500tpd Neigu Guzhanqi Banner
Gansu Shandan Iron Riding Cement Co., Ltd. 2750tpd Shandan County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province

Yunnan Kungang Yimen Dabanshu Cement Co., Ltd.

2500tpd Yimen County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province
Yunnan Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 4000tpd Wuyuan County, Linyi City, Yunnan Province
Yunnan Kunming Yingjiang Yuquan Cement Co., Ltd. 3000tpd Yingjiang County, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province
Hunan Dongkou Baibai Cement Factory 4000tpd Dongkou County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province
Ethiopian Oriental Cement Factory 1500tpd Ethiopia
Sichuan Jiangyou Lafarge Cement Factory 2200tpd Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province