GGBS Plant

GGBS Grinding Mill Equipment

GGBS Production Line Introduction:

GGBS is granulated blast furnace slag, ground to very high fineness. When the molten slag from the blast furnace is tapped & subjected to a process of rapid cooling by jets of pressurized water, it forms granules, which is called granulated slag. The slag hardens when it reacts with water, getting a hydraulic property that provides increased strength over a period of time.

GGBS, another name is GGBFS, it is the short name for ground granulated blast furnace slag, The industrial waste slag discharged from the furnace smelting pig iron. It has high physical and chemical activity and potential hydraulic properties, and is widely used as a mixture in the cement industry. Slag micropowder will be widely used in high-performance, high-strength concrete. GGBS Slag powder can replace a large amount of cement in concrete, significantly improve the workability of fresh concrete and the durability of hardened concrete, and has a large later strength. Concrete prepared with slag powder can be widely used in various construction projects, bringing good economic benefits to concrete production business, and has an immeasurable role in resource conservation, comprehensive utilization and environmental protection.

GGBS Plant Application

GGBS, when used along with OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) in concrete or mortar mix, imparts unique properties to obtain very strong and durable mix.

GGBS is widely used by the ready-mix concrete plants, apart from major construction projects. It is known to almost double the lifespan of structures.

AGICO offers vertical roller mills from China for making GGBS. Vertical roller mill is a type of grinder used to grind the materials into extremely fine powder. It is an energy-efficient alternative for ball mill.

Vertical roller mills have been developed in China with advanced technologies. They can be used for grinding of clinker, cement & slag. The available capacities are from 500 tons to 3,000 tons per day. A vertical roller mill combines intermediate crushing, grinding, drying, separating & conveying processes. While grinding the slag, the fineness will be as per Blaine>4,200 cm2/gram. The initial moisture of 15% in the slag will be reduced to 0.5% in the process.

Vertical roller mill have been used in mining and other industries in China, suitable grind raw materials can be cliker, cement and slag. AGICO manufactures vrm equipment with capacity from 500 to 3000 tones. GGBS VRM requires support equipment for crushing, grinding, drying, seperating and conveying processes. Slag material will be ground to fineness >4,200 cm2/gram, moisture to be less than 0.5% after the process.

GGBS Model Specification:

Model Drawing number Weight Design capacity (t/h) Air volume (ms/h) Disc diameter (mm) Disc diameter (mm) Roller diameter (mm)

Roller width (mm)

Disc speed (r/min)
BRM32.4S HRM330.00   45     3200 1700 495 31.65
BRM33.4S HRM33.3CS   45     3200 1700 495 31.65
BRM38.4S HRM380.00   60     3800 1800 600 32.5
UM46.2+2 ZJUIK46. 2+2   90     4600 2240        1700    

Why Choose GGBS Plant

  1. The relative sliding between millstone and grinding roller is very small, thus  rotate speed could be fast and the grinding roller pressure is high. Therefore the output is higher compared with other types grinding roller under same specifications. 
  2. It integrates the drying, grinding, selecting at the same time, with the simple technical process and lower noise. 
  3. It’s suitable for the air swept and material circulation system. The latter can greatly reduce the power consumption of ventilation system.
  4. Ventilation ring gap in mill can be flexibly adjusted according to the distribution of the material, in order to reduce ventilation resistance and power consumption. 
  5. The roller can automatically lift or fall down, realizing no-load starting to reduce the motor starting torque.
  6. Roll mill can turn out the cylinder shell under the effect of double roller cylinder for the convenience of maintenance. 
  7. There is an efficient cage classifier device in it, with a sensitive adjustment of fineness, better load adaptability, and the high efficiency of the powder classifying which can reach above 90%.
  8. Low cost on operation and maintenance; 
  9.  One-time investment and low operation cost; 

GGBS(Granulated Blast-furnace Slag) Cement Production:

It is produced by grinding premium quality Granulated Blast-furnace Slag, a by-product of steel manufacturing process,consisting essentially of silicates and alumino-silicates of calcium and other bases, is formed when molten iron blast-furnace slag is rapidly chilled (quenched) by immersion in water It is a granular product with very limited crystal formation, is highly cementitious in nature and hydrates like Portland cement when ground to cement fineness.

A good return on investment, can recover the cost effective

With the application widely of mineral powder, the domestic market demand increase rapidly in this project. Investment powder production line with considerable economic benefit and high return on investment, usually 1-3 years can recover the cost.

High efficiency, energy saving, environmentally friendly

Slag (slag product applications) vertical mill can reduce power consumption effectively in the process of production as the core equipment of production line. Meanwhile, mill internal is negative pressure in process, which produces almost no dust during operation, lower noise and pollution than traditional tube mill.

Mature general contrasting scheme

AGICO has the domestic first-class technical team, and combined with domestic chief vertical expert for technology. We can design detail general scheme according to customer's actual situation, and can provide "turnkey service"  from civil engineering to production operation.

The customers cases witness all over the country

AGICO GGBS (Granulated Blast-furnace Slag)Grinding Plant has been recognized by key customers, the domestic production operation of the production line has been up to more than 50, customers all over the country.