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Choose Between Hammer Breaker and Impact Crusher

Hammer crusher and impact crusher, they are all used as crushing equipment in the market and are also favored by different industries. So how to choose between hammer break and the counterattack break, which one is more suitable for you situation, you need to understand more about the difference between hammer crusher and counterattack break.

Introduction of Hammer Crusher and Impact Crusher

Hammer Crusher

Mainly composed of rotor, hammer, counterattack liner, screen plate and other components, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, and the material will be torn apart under the impact and shear of the hammer head of high-speed rotation. Hammer breaking has following features.

  1. Super crushing capacity, which can realize the coarse, medium and fine crushing of materials in one step;
  2. The wearing parts with long service life has high strength levels and are wear-resistant.
  3. It is designed with large feed grain size and high yield, and the final particle size is qualified.

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is composed of hammerhead, main shaft, plate hammer, counter impact plate, rotor frame, square steel and other parts. It is mainly rely on impact energy to achieve the crushing effect of material equipment. Impact crusher has following features

  1. Operation and maintenance of the equipment is convenient and fast; 
  2. Strong adaptability, deep crushing chamber, high yield;
  3. Low energy consumption, and selective crushing of materials can be carried out during operation.

Hammer Crusher or Impact Crusher

Hammer break and counter attack break have different operating principles, there are also differences in the handling of materials, when users choosing between equipment of hammer crusher and impact crusher, you can referring to the following introduction.

  • Hammer crusher, suitable for crushing compressive strength below 180 MPa of medium hard brittle materials, hammer breaking can directly crush the particle size of 600-1800mm materials to 25mm or below particle size, widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical and other fields, the equipment can be used alone in operation, and to achieve coarse, medium and fine crushing operations of materials.
  • Impact crusher, the equipment mainly handles the side length of 100-500mm and below materials, the compressive strength of the crushable materials is 350 MPa, widely used in building materials, ore crushing, transportation, railways and other industries, in the production of general and jaw crusher combined use, mainly used for the center, hardness of the material, fine crushing processing.